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MC Holy Ghost was born in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
At the age of two he was adopted by his parents, James P. Breeden an Episcopal Priest and civil rights activist, and his mother Jeanne Breeden (Savoye) a longtime social worker and activist.
MC Holy Ghost grew up in Roxbury, Massachusetts in the height of the civil rights and black power movement. After moving to Tanzania, Africa at age 5, his family settled in Lexington, Massachusetts
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MCHG started drumming at age 7, playing mostly jazz/fusion and 70-80's rock. His teacher would say he is a "natural" and MCHG can only attribute it to the sounds he had heard while in Africa. At his school in Lexington, a suburb of Boston, he played soccer, basketball, and tried out for the golf team. In High School, MC Holy Ghost started questioning the schools teachings, especially on the origins of life. They taught myths, and darwinism, and the 'Ghost' wasn't included. MCHG left school. His family moved to Hanover, NH, where MCHG traveled the country working with North American Van Lines, wrote rap lyrics, and engineered live reggae shows.
His rap career began at a Dartmouth College frat party performing with his partner MastaSwitch.
A friend introduced him to a Dartmouth student who had won the California DJ contest. MC Holy Ghost, MastaSwitch, and DJ King Cole all hooked up and recorded with Detroit producers from KMS Records. They recorded a song entitled 'Shady Cops', which eventually was passed around the rap industry. It may even have spawned artists like Detroit rapper Eminem years later to say, "I'm the real shady!" After a revelation, MCHG moved back to Boston to begin a deep inward look at his spirit. He began talks with John Mathias a monk at Saint John the Evangelist, the oldest Anglican monastery in America. There his fiery spirit and thirst for truth were nourished. In 1995 "Holy Ghost" recorded with members of John Brown's Body reggae band and produced Apocalypse the Book of Revelation. This track made enough noise that 'Ghost' flew out to L.A. and was offered a deal with BMG Publishing. True to his style he declined wanting to remain with his underground roots. He has for ever since been spreading the gospel (in his own unique, funky-kinda way), and has produced over a 1000 songs for artists from New Orleans to Boston. MC Holy Ghost continues to blaze conscious, sample-driven music and has earned a reputation as one of the top underground producers and rappers. MC Holy Ghost is one show you cannot afford to miss!

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